Surprise Rum Cake Subscription

Be Surprised!

If you like rum, cake and surprises our surprise rum cake subscription is for you!

We are currently working on expanding our range of luxury rum cakes to enable you to enjoy the taste of many fine rums; the ones we are discovering on our exciting and surprising journey!

Sign up to our “Be Surprised” monthly rum cake subscription and travel the world as you discover exquisite rums from all over the globe. Your journey will take you from the Caribbean to the UK. Yes! Quality rum producers are popping up all over the UK from Scotland right down to Cornwall!

Our generous suppliers have captivated us with the stories behind their rums, so, we’re confident they will leave a great impression on you too.

We have decided not to partner with any and every rum producer, only those who are aligned with our values:

  • high quality products
  • sustainability
  • creating a strong legacy
  • honouring the enslaved Africans who were sent to the Caribbean to start building the rum industry worldwide

Indeed, we also exist to remind everyone of the fact that millions of slaves paid a high price so we can enjoy rum in so many different ways today.

The Rum Story in Whitehaven on the west coast of Cumbria and the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool are both well worth a visit to grasp the extent of the history of rum.

The icing on the cake of our “Be Surprised” monthly rum cake subscription is the delicious drinks recipes that you will receive from our suppliers so you know how best to enjoy their rum.

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