Transformational Coaching for Rising & Seasoned Leaders in the Food Industry




Transformational Coaching for Rising & Seasoned Leaders in the Food Sector

What transformations might occur

in your organisation

if more people there had a higher level of emotional intelligence and greater resilience?

Food For Thought…

What exactly is

Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is also called the Emotional Quotient, or EQ and it is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we:

  • Perceive and express ourselves
  • Develop and maintain social relationships
  • Cope with challenges

Developing emotional intelligence enables us to become more aware and in control of the emotions that are driving our thinking and behaviour and impacting others (positively and negatively).

Download a Sample EQi 2.0 Standard Workplace Report

Download a  Sample EQi 2.0 Leadership Report

Download a Sample EQi 2.0 Team Report  

Download a Sample EQ360 Standard Workplace Report

Download a Sample EQ360 Leadership Report 

What exactly is


Resilience is the process of managing and adapting positively to significant sources of stress, it’s bouncing back from adversity and growing as a person, even after difficult or traumatic experiences.

It has been scientifically proven that resilience is the antidote to stress.

Download a Sample RQi Report

The full report also includes:

  • Explanations of sub scales
  • Commentaries on scores
  • Suggested resources and activities
  • Summary of strengths and Development areas
  • Goal setting template

Elaine Rémy

Elaine Rémy

Qualified Transformational Coach & Certified Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Practitioner

Elaine has first-hand experience supporting leaders in the food industry. She spent 10 years in international leadership training, and set up her own training practice in Paris where she worked with senior leaders at Apple France and food companies such as Bio Springer and Lesaffre.

In 2019, Elaine moved back to England and transitioned into coaching, gaining qualifications in Transformational Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience.

Leadership coaching with first-hand food experience in the food industry

Elaine is now based in the heart of the Lake District, Windermere, and is developing her niche within the UK food and beverage sector.

She also runs an award-winning food business, selling luxury cakes that are infused with fine rums. These rummy cakes are based on her mother Vie’s traditional recipe.

Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes is a small operation with great ambitions. Setting it up from an initial idea through to manufacturing and finding an enthusiastic customer base has given me first-hand experience of the end-to end-process and the challenges of running a food business. I speak your language and understand the delicate balance between creating excellent products and profitability.”

Elaine also mentors founders of start-up food businesses all over the country through the Transmit Startups mentoring programme.

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?


  • requires the mentor to have experience and knowledge in the field that the mentee works in
  • often uses advice
  • is usually related to a particular profession


  • does not require the coach to have experience or knowledge in the field that the coachee works in
  • is a non-advisory profession (advice may be appropriate at times)
  • is not related to a specific profession

Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes – “The most creative, innovative, and ambitious new business that has been funded in 2020/21. This business exhibits sound business planning, the ability to be sustainable and profitable, as well as a level of innovation and creativity in their industry. They clearly demonstrate a “Wow Factor” that is worth celebrating.”

Startup Business of the Year Award 2020/2021

British Business Bank Delivery Partner Award, Nominated by Transmit Startups

Such great cake! Loved the rum in it!!

Irini Tzortzoglou

Winner of Masterchef 2019

The cake Elaine was amazing and did not last long! I have to confess to not being a big cake eater at all, but that was just absolutely so more-ish!! Many thanks to you from all the team here.

John Baker

CEO, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners/The Rum Story

Emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders have never been more important

It’s an extraordinary time for leaders in the Food & Drink industry. As well as dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19 and persuading sometimes very anxious team members that it’s safe to return to work, you have to manage changing consumer demands, environmental issues and Brexit fallout.

The way your leaders behave impacts the culture and performance of your entire organisation. Your best leaders will all have one thing in common: high emotional intelligence and resilience. Sadly, not all leaders have tapped into the level of self-awareness or self-regulation they need to become a truly great leader. We are here to help change that.

An outstanding experience, learning about resilience and learning even more about yourself.

These sessions are invaluable, they make you think, reflect and most importantly this also means it helps you focus on the individuals with whom you work. Time well spent, it was enlightening and would recommend it wholeheartedly. Elaine, if you didn’t know also make some pretty good cakes, also worth looking at.


Steven Doherty

Great British Chef, Lake District, Cumbria

I have clear and actionable take-aways to work on which will improve both my personal and professional ability.

I completed the Emotional Resilience assessment with Elaine who gave me confidential and professional feedback on my results.

She tailored the session patiently around my needs and personality and as a result I found great personal benefit.

Highly recommend and looking forward to working with Elaine more.

Kris Hall

Founder, The Burnt Chef Project


Emotional intelligence and resilience coaching increases business performance

By investing in the emotional intelligence and resilience of your organisation’s leadership team, you will be creating more productive teams, building a happier workforce, and improving business outcomes.

Emotional intelligence and resilience-based leadership coaching can result in:

  • Improved teamwork
  • Faster conflict resolution
  • Better decision making
  • More effective communication
  • Improved management of stressful situations
  • Compassion in the workplace

Hybrid-working approach


Walk & Talk

South Lakes, Cumbria







What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching takes you on a journey from developing self-awareness to experiencing deep, meaningful, sustainable change as you encounter internal shifts along the way.

It is most effective with those who are committed to personal development and willing to take the necessary steps to get them from their current position to their desired destination.

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is often viewed as the gold standard of leadership and transformational leaders typically display the four ‘I’s:

1. Inspirational Motivation

2. Idealized Influence

3. Intellectual Stimulation

4. Individualized Consideration

Research shows that transformational leaders score significantly higher on the EQ-i 2.0 which suggests they have higher levels of emotional intelligence.

One-to-one Coaching

Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Transformational Coaching for Individuals

Our individual coaching packages are ideal for leaders who are looking for a one-to-one leadership development solution.


STEP 1: Book a complimentary “Chemistry Call” with Elaine to get to know each other and clarify the process if you both decide you are a good fit for each other.

STEP 2: Take the Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Leaders to discover how frequently you use different emotional skills or take a Resilience Assessment to discover how resilient you are right now.

STEP 3: Book a feedback/coaching session with Elaine to receive invaluable insight on your Assessment Report. This includes information on areas you could further leverage quite comfortably and areas which might be more challenging to develop through coaching.


I recently received a fascinating session on resilience from Elaine.

We went through a resilience assessment and Elaine broke down and explained each aspect of the results in great detail and how I can use and adapt this information.

A great way to get to know yourself better and understand areas you can focus on improving.

I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough, her detailed understanding of resilience and leadership really makes an impact. Thank you Elaine!

Daniel Walker

North West Account Manager, EWGA Wines

I had a very useful feedback session with Elaine after I completed the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership assessment – her explanations were clear and her observations insightful.

I would highly recommend her and encourage all leaders and potential leaders to complete the same activity.

I am very much looking forward to our coaching sessions to follow.

Clare Paling

Area Fundraising Manager, St Mary's Hospice

I love anything that challenges what I think and help improve myself and business performance.

Elaine’s insights after the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership assessment were really valuable and helpful, with Elaine’s sound and constructive advice how I could develop a plan of action, tools and techniques that work with me.

Elaine has created a brilliant and supportive plan, environment and team for us to progress with.

I am excited to see the next few weeks will bring!

Sarah Simpson

Marketing Manager, St Mary's Hospice

Group Coaching

Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Transformational Coaching for Teams

Our group coaching packages are aimed at companies that would like to offer their leadership team group coaching.

Minimum number required: 4

We’ve just had a successful cohort from St Mary’s Hospice go through a coaching course with Elaine.

The managers involved found the course supportive and engaging and focused on their development as both people and as managers.

With staff development being an important part of running a complex organisation like a hospice I look forward to working with Elaine again in the future.

Val Stangoe

Chief Executive, St Mary's Hospice, Ulverston, Cumbria

Walk & Talk Coaching in the Lake District

Transformational Coaching Outdoors for Individuals & Teams

Our Walk & Talk coaching packages are aimed at companies that would like to offer their team members support in leadership coaching with the added benefits of physical and mental wellbeing from being coached outdoors.

Minimum number required for team coaching: 4

It was truly amazing how much I learnt about my self in the 3 sessions I had with Elaine. I am extremely fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth; the Lake District.

Elaine’s Walk and Talk coaching approach meant we could step away from our desks and Zoom and talk without distraction.

The sessions were relaxed and Elaine’s laid back yet informed approach really helped me to open up and I was able to express myself freely and without judgement.

Being outdoors is not only good for body but also for the mind and soul! I was able to explain to Elaine how I felt certain parts of my personality hold me back at work, or make me less effective than I’d like to be so she gave me little exercises or thought processes to try out before the next sessions.

Doing these has helped me really focus and increased my self-awareness, especially when I’m in meetings and during conversations online.

Taking yourself out of the work environment to reflect is an important part of growth and self-development and I’m so honoured to have been given the chance to do this with Elaine. Thank you.

Emma Athersmith

Director of Fundraising & Marketing, CancerCare North Lancashire & South Cumbria

I gained a lot of insight into my thought patterns and perspectives. I wouldn’t have questioned my way of thinking otherwise or looked into alternative views.

I found success in being vulnerable due to the way Elaine approaches you and uses talking and walking in nature, with powerful silences where I was able to listen to what my inner child wants to say.

I would highly recommend Elaine, because she was able to give me the space to express what I had suppressed in a safe environment that she has created.

Ava Grace

Community Health Connector, Breakthrough UK

The highlight for me was week 5, the walk and talk in Ford Park, Ulverston.

There’s nothing better than being in a natural environment when discussing wellbeing.

The environment felt positive, peaceful and safe and led to great discussion and sharing of ideas.

I think we all left that session feeling more positive and energised with life.


St Mary's Hospice

Our Values



Confidentiality & Trust

We enable deep, open and honest conversations by eliminating the fear of third parties knowing what is discussed in our sessions.

Client-Led Collaboration

You set your agenda initially and we work together in an equal partnership to address whatever presents itself in the sessions.

Challenging & Supportive

We do not offer a “soft option”. We will challenge limiting language and self-talk, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful behaviours.


We support you in keeping on track with the direction you set for your actions to achieve the desired change(s) you have identified.

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